Presentation Details for Presenters

Please note the following specs for either Paper/Symposium or Poster presentations.


Single paper sessions are composed of coherent groups of individually submitted papers to form a 90-minute session. Each single paper presentation is 15-minutes long including time for questions and discussions.

Each symposium is 90-minutes long including time for questions and discussions.

Note to Paper and Symposium Presenters:

  1. All presentation rooms are equipped with a projector, a screen and a microphone.
  2. Presenters are required to bring their own laptop.
  3. We strongly recommend you bring a back-up of your presentation on a thumb drive.


Posters presentations displayed on large printed boards (1.20 x 0.84 meter; portrait format). Individual posters are clustered into 90 minute poster sessions, providing 40 minutes for each presentation. Presenters are kindly asked to bring handouts on their poster to the session for interested visitors.

Poster Board Specifications

  • 4’ x 8’ two sided poster boards, fabric
  • Vertical orientation
  • Velcro compatible or push pin (1 bag of 50 thumb tacks provided)
  • Connected in series / 90 degree corner

Note to Poster Presenters:

  1. All poster boards have a vertical orientation, 4’x 8′ dark fabric.
  2. The boards are velcro- and push-pin compatible (thumb tacks will be provided).
  3. Please prepare the poster(s) with this information in mind.
  4. Presenters will be given time to put up and remove their poster(s).
  5. All poster sessions are scheduled on July 2 (AM and PM), July 3 (AM and PM), and July 4 (AM only).
  6. Each poster presentation is for 40 minutes.
  7. Venue: Harbourfront Ballroom, Pinnacle Hotel